in need of a blade make it Fantasticblades

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Fantasticblades is located at the CottonWood Mall In Albuquerque New Mexico. We offer free shipping subscribe for discounts and special offers. 


  I'm a bit biased -- ANY store selling weapons in a mall today gets a thumbs-up from me! Good selection of inventory, great prices, friendly staff -- what more can I ask?

Mike Blessing

I am very satisfied and proud of the service, easy to navigate website 100% trustworthy this is my all time favorite knife and my go to knife shop I highly recommend this shop I will definitely be coming back to buy more knives, love you guys!!!

William Bailey

This is an awesome knife shop. They have a variety of cool knives and some cool print stuff that is very affordable. Mr. Padilla is very knowledgeable and gave me some great pointers on how to keep my knives sharp. You’ll be happy that you purchased you knife or artwork here.

Leonard Otero

Confident and helpful employees that are Very knowledgeable.

Imjin scout

great store and great prices! amazing products and great customer service. alfredo and christopher are some of the nicest gentlemen i’ve ever met!

Reese mckenzie