Self Defense Sokojikara Dynasty Handmade Katana-T10

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  • Traditional Japanese swordcraft at its height - painstakingly handcrafted using only the finest materials for spectacular visual allure and tremendous potency
  • Full tang 28" T10 high carbon steel blade - expertly hand forged by seasoned swordsmiths using advanced techniques honed over centuries
  • Centuries-old clay tempering process yields tough, impact-absorbing blade spine/body and history's sharpest edge; also produces natural hamon line
  • Classic tsuka wrapped in delicately textured genuine ray skin same and russet braided ito; traditional wooden mekugi, brass menuki
  • Elegant, exquisitely detailed tsuba flawlessly cast from bronze like katana of ages past; accented with delicate relief
  • Hand-lacquered black wooden saya embellished with traditional russet sageo
  • Overall length: 41" - impressively sized yet easy to wield and deft in battle