Matsuri Kanroji Prop Sword

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Matsuri Kanroji Is one of the five strongest Demon Slayer Hashira. as it is already known however unlike her colleagues who use a standard Katana blade, Mitsuri uses a flexible whip-like blade. Many wonder how her blade works and think it is a fictional blade however that is far from the truth. Because the sword exists in real life and was used by Hindu warriors in battle. The sword’s history traces back to ancient India during the 4th or 5th Century BCE i.e. almost more than 2000 years ago in the region of what’s known as Tamil Nadu and Kerala in modern-day India. 

The sword was used to fight during battles and had great use during open-ground warfare as the swords provide vast reach and durability against multiple opponents. Furthermore, the edges of the swords were laced with poison to make the cut more effective and deadly.

To use the sword efficiently one must be able to maneuver efficiently to avoid cutting themselves which is reflected in Matsuri’s fighting style where she is very nimble on her feet and very gymnastic in her movements.

Also, this sword perfectly fits her character as the sword is very lightweight and flexible, it allows Mitsuri Kanroji to perfectly control her immensely strong muscles without using much strength and yet be deadly.