Greek Spartan Handmade Medieval Wearable Helmet

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This is a finely crafted steel Spartan helmet. This helmet is prepared from high quality metal and features a simple protective design. Defend your home and country with the Spartan Helmet. Considered to be one of the most feared military forces to ever walk the earth, this item captures an aggressive tone so you can complete your costume. The Spartan Helmet can be a valued asset when creating a Spartan or Greek Spartan costume. Includes wooden display stand.

  • Inner Diameter: Front To Back 12 Inches (Approx.) 
  • Ear To Ear : 8 Inches (Approx.) 
  • Height : 16.5 Inches From Top To Bottom (Approx.) 
  • Circumference : 26 Inches (Approx.)

  • Made up from high quality Mild steel
  • Helmet include pre leather liner inside
  • Rustic Proof Paint Inside 
  • High quality Polished finished
  • Includes wooden display stand.