Spring Assisted Knife Dragon Karambit- Fantasticblades

Spring Assisted Knife Dragon Karambit

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Spring Assisted Knife

Spring assisted knife. DarkSide blades products are a dependable as well as reliable. in additionThis Karambit is for a collectors piece not an everyday work knife. This knife has a golden dragon on the handle. The handle is made out aluminum in which it will last.

Why chose this Darkside blades product

 Darkside blades is a great gift.This product sells great out the store. This product and rated Rated a 5 star. Check out Trendie days as well as custom T shirt or canvas needs. Also check out our new Karambit Knives that we have to offer. The designer of this knife wanted as well as to catch attention besides another classy knife that everyone loves. This karambit knife is a marine's best friend. Great for self defense use. This knife fits comfortable in the pocket. The holidays around the corner get that special gift to that loved one. Fantasticblades give the best customer service that you deserve.  

 Description of product

 The blade is coated black and has dragon scales the blade. this knife feels heavy and durable in the hand. Darkside Blades has more products to choose from and In addition  Fantasticblades is currently updating these products as they arrives in the store. Fantasticblades delivering top-quality products that takes the competition anytime anywhere. love the outdoors use this karambit to gut fish.

 Fantasticblades is located at the CottonWood mall in Albuquerque New Mexico 87114

We are across the the zone next to journeys as well as footlocker. Subscribe To our website for discounts as well as and offers. contact us at Fantasticblades@gmail.com if you have any questions or need help with order processing. an addition this product will ship out the very next day shipping 4-5 days for free shipping.

  • 8" OVERALL
  • 3.5" 3Cr13 STEEL BLADE

Spring Assisted Knife Dragon Karambit-Fantasticblades