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DZS Blue Knight Spring Assist Knife-Fantasticblades

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 DZS Blue Knight Spring Assisted knife

 Day Zero Survival Pocket Knife has been Smashing the competition for many years now. They have products that you can depend on. do  you like to collect or for everyday use? Must have one these Pocket Knife. this product is rated 4 out 5 stars. Do you know what to get for your Father for Fathers Day? Fantasticblades has you covered from tactical and designer Knives. Come and check out what everyone is talking about. Free Shipping is available Only at Fantasticbladees.com

:Dzs blades comes sharp right out of the box Blade Length: 3.5"

 :Overall Length: 8.5 just what these collectors are looking for not to big but not to small. This Knife does fold and Spring out. The heavy Duty handle is What make it so Unique.

:The Blade is made of 440 Stainless steel compound b which make it more durable through any tough situation. 

:The handle has a  design which offers a knight holding a sword as well as a shield with a cross in it. Any collector who sees this Spring assisted Knife will want to snatch one of the bad boys.

: The Designers who made this Knife added golden Screws for a beautiful and amazing look. From far away This Knife will catch everybody's attention.

Behind the Pocket Knife comes with a clip. Secret some people don't know you can put your cash on the clip so you wont lose any money.

:This Knife come in a blue metal color and also a has Day Zero Survival logo on the blade itself