Fantasticblades|Cat Self Defense Knuckle KeyChain Gold

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This is a golden cat self defense keychain designed specifically for self defense against the attackers. It is among the best weapons to battle the attackers. With an overall size of 3.14 inches, it is an easy to carry weapon. Apart from being a great self defense weapon, it can hold and carry your keys. 

This cat self defense keychain is not just gorgeous, it is lethal and allows you to deal with the attackers in the most effective manner. There are two deadly spikes on it. You can use these spikes to punch the attacker in his face to cause serious injuries. 

This cat self defense keychain is very easy and comfortable to wear. There are two eyes of a cat that serve as holes to wear while the two ears of the cat serve as deadly spikes. Each finger hole is 0.75 inches. All in all, it is a perfect self defense weapon! 


  • Golden Cat Key Chain Spikes
  • Overall Size: 3.14 Inches
    Finger Hole: 0.75 Inches
  • Color: Gold