Términos del servicio


(Note that withing the context of these terms of service, the terms "we", "us", and "our" refer to Fantasticblades and its employees, as well as any business partners we work with in the process of satisfying your order)

It is the customer's responsibility to understand and agree to our terms of service. By using our website, doing business with us, and/or ordering from us you agree to our terms of service.



By making a purchase you acknowledge you are legally allowed to make the purchase, according to all applicable laws (ex. your local laws, as well as federal and state laws). To purchase items you must meet the minimum age as determined by your local laws. Regardless of local laws, you must be 18 years or older to make a purchase with us.


We are not liable for any harm or injuries resulting from use of our products. You should exercise proper safety precautions while handling knives, swords, blank guns, or any other items. Our items are as safe as the safety practiced by the user.


Digital security is important in our modern world. As such, attempts to compromise our website's security and/or integrity, as well as attempts to defraud our business, website, etc. are unacceptable and illegal.


Attempts to steal from or defraud our business are unacceptable and illegal. Plus, it's just not cool!


We are not liable for actions performed by you. Moreover, we are not liable for any action done in violation to our terms of service. You are responsible for your own actions.