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 Today is the day where you go and take the next step in buying your very first spring assisted Knife. The mind set is I need a Knife but never had one before. Some people have never been around any Knives at all. The biggest mistake that people attend to do is not ask any questions when buying there first Knife. This is called compulsive buying. I like that Red Dragon Knife ill take it just becouse its Red and has a Dragon. At Fantasticblades we teach our Customers on how to take care of a Spring Assisted Knives as...

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The first use of katana as a word to describe a long sword that was different from a tachi occurs as early as the Kamakura Period (1185–1333).[6] These references to "uchigatana" and "tsubagatana" seem to indicate a different style of sword, possibly a less costly sword for lower-ranking warriors. The Mongol invasions of Japan facilitated a change in the designs of Japanese swords. Thin tachi and chokutō-style blades were often unable to cut through the boiled leather armour of the Mongols, with the blades often chipping or breaking off.[13] The evolution of the tachi into what would become the katana seems to have continued during the early Muromachi period (1337 to 1573). Starting around the year 1400, long swords...

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